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Our Story:
    Independent Adventure Productions (IAP) started out as a couple of friends and a camera who decided to see if they could put together a mini documentary. While wandering about the Southern Utah desert the name of the company was born. The name states that we are independent filmmakers and the topics of our productions, though founded in antiquity, would be adventurous, if only in the joy of production. IAPs first project, Gunfighters: Living The Legend, led to a joint venture with Roger Blomquist PhD. and his historical documentaries class at UVU. The focus of the company expended to encompass student researchers. IAP now works with this history class to provide an outlet where students can gain hands-on experience researching for historical films and give the history they uncover a wider audience than a term paper might receive. Additionally, Roger now heads up all IAP historical research and along with his years of film work has become a key element of IAP's success.

With the successful completion of the company's first film, Gunfighters: Living The Legend, IAP is looking forward to its next topics for production including the rendezvous and fur trade era.

IAP is dedicated to providing opportunity for history and research students to realize their full potential as we dig history out from the shadows and present if with energy and vigor. History from a textbook seldom has the power to inspire and engage its pupil to spy rearward into time to discover it's hidden mysteries. Many a student finds they are not only bored but turned off by history and this because of its presentation. But oh when one catches that glimpse, and feels for himself the reality of the past. That is the day he throws off the shackles of the present and blazes a trail into the future. 

In addition to scholarly research we are blazing trails by living the past. We want to fully understand the experiences we are studying and filming. We walk the paths, ride the trails, and live life as it was. We then couple our new gained insight with that of ancient script, to shed a greater understanding and insight into the lives of our predecessors.

Mission Statement:
    To create historical documentaries that bring history to life, are authoritative, and make history interesting and enjoyable; while providing an atmosphere where students can gain hands-on experience working within a production environment.

    There is little more fascinating than history. When you finally catch a glimpse into a bygone era. To see it clearly enough to where you can nearly taste how things might have been, and you almost feel as if you have become a part of that history. But for us, almost is not quite enough. In order to experience history in its fullest, we must live it. History researched provides knowledge, history recreated give insight.

    To produce documentaries that are authoritative and interesting we follow a two prong process;

        1. Ensure in-depth research involving our team of professional accredited historians, working together with historical research students, who bring energy and a fresh view.

        2. Provide insight and context into the subject matter by application. In order to understand history and give it context, our team will embark on re-enactments that give our work authentication and additionally aids in presenting our findings in such a way that will give our viewers a clear understanding of the historical subject covered.