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Roger Blomquist

Roger Blomquist Ph.D;

While attending Palm Springs high school he hated history and just wanted to survive it. Years later, while working for a civil engineering firm in RichfieldUtah, he was introduced to Louis L’amour, and began to fall in love with history. He was also watching an episode of the Andy Griffith show, where Andy was dramatically retelling the story of Paul Revere (less than accurately) and something clicked within Roger. He decided that he wanted to tell history like that as well.

Roger started working as a horse wrangler in Western movies in 1992 while working as an architectural designer. After working on several historical movies, documentaries, and TV shows (National Geographic’s Lewis and Clark and;Touched By An Angel among others) he decided to teach history. He earned his BA. and MA. at Brigham Young University and his Ph.D. at the University of NebraskaLincoln (renowned for Westward movement history). While there he was also fortunate enough to take a semester class on Lewis and Clark from the famed Dr. Gary Moulton, who spent 20 years editing all journals from the expedition members, He is now teaching US History at Utah Valley University. While working on these films he studied material culture and began making period saddles and is now an award winning saddlemaker (True West Magazine for 2005). Saddle building also led to his thesis and dissertation on Wyoming Cowboy saddles and is now working with a publisher to publish it in book form. He has also created “making historical documentaries” courses that he is teaching at the university. It is a joint public/private venture where history students have the opportunity to learn how to research, interview, film, and interact with history on the screen. Independent Adventure Productions provides a real world application for their research and allows them to gain real world experience. He is a producer on these projects and they have many documentaries currently under production.

All throughout this process he was buckskinning and attending the Fort Bridger Rendezvous and now serves as a board member. He has been consulting with the Museum of the Mountain Man in;Pinedale,Wyoming;and built a reproduction fur trade saddle for their permanent display. Now at any given time you can find Roger architecturally designing a building, teaching a history class at Utah Valley University, preparing for another movie, or at home working on another saddle.

Brian Riddle

Brian Riddle

Producer/Video Editor/Sound Engineer

Born and raised amongst the red cliffs of Southern Utah, Brian found his passion for music when he was just a child. Growing up in an area with little in the field of musical training Brian began teaching himself how to play the guitar. In high school Brian and two fellow musicians started their first band called EVE. After a couple years Eve would fade away. During that time Brian began to gain a passion for audio recording and live sound. And in the fall of 2000 opened his first recording studio with a former band mate in St. George UT.

With a love for the red rocks Brian moved back to the Kanab area where he began work as a sound engineer at the Crescent Moon Theatre. Soon after Brian would start his own production company BriShad Productions, promoting bands, operating live sound systems, and sound equipment rental.

Brian has always had a deep interest for video production and for the last 2 years has worked as a Video Producer/Editor for Best Friends Animal Society, creating video content for their website and for their members. Brian gained his certification in Apple’s Final Cut Pro video editing software at the University of Utah and started doing video work on the side. Brian would later join with brother Nathan under Independent Adventure Productions, and launch the new production company in Kanab.

Currently Brian resides in Kanab with his wife and two young boys. He carries on his passion for music playing guitar along side brother Gene in the band Shiftdown.

Nathan Riddle
Raised in the shadow of magnificent red cliffs, Nathan was inspired by breathless landscape and engrossed by the endless heritage of his epic surroundings. Kanab, Utah holds the key to history and mystery in a triptych of topics from Montezuma's treasure to bandits and gunfighters of the Old West to Hollywood's history of western movies filmed in the area.

Often hearing the stories of the golden age of western film making and of the many famous actors who once graced the streets of his home town, Nathan cultivated a desire to not only work in film but to bring film back to his home for a new generation. Film making took a minor sidetrack as a new storytelling medium became a viable career path. As a CG Animator, Nathan learned many digital film making techniques that have laid a strong foundation for his current endeavors.

Nathan has now worked for over 8 years as an animator, creating content for television, commercials and video games. For the past several years Nathan has been the Animation Director for a video game company where he has directed all animation, cinematics and comertials for company games including Snoopy Flying Ace.

Concurrently, at this time Nathan started his foray back into film to stretch his creativity and to revive his early roots. The "Gunfighters: Living The Legend" project came because of Nathan's experience as an Old West re-enactor and for his love of what the Old West represents. As his first real foray into documentary film making, "Gunfighters: Living The Legend" has been and educational experience. This production is laying the foundation for future productions which include a focus on the fur trade and tendezvous period of western history, and later a focus on other ancient cultures and archeological history.

In addition to his two Bachelor degrees in Advertising and Computer Arts, Nathan is an avid actor. He is often seen on stage around Utah and has been a re-enactor since his youth. Additionally he has done voice work for commercials and video games.